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Todos is a creative hub in the areas of creativity, communication, brand activation, advertising and brand strategy, with the in-house production such as film production, photography, design, art and music. The main goal of this ideia is to seek a specific answer to an unfilled need in the panorama of integrated audiovisual services in the city of lisbon.

People behind Creative Hub Todos


The solution to overcome this gap of services in-house isn´t a "new disruptive technology" capable of breaking cycles of inertia. Instead we propose a "new business model": integrated services for brands, service, creative industry, through multiple and muscled know-how´s based on a fundamental principle of contantly crossing creative views.

The Project

We strongly believe that Todos will bring greater competitiveness and innovation to Lisbon in the fields, activities and services that in this moment are fragile and yet not recognised.

This warehouse is managed by the company named Frederico & Frederico, Lda.


Todos is settled in the eastern part of Lisbon, Poço do Bispo - Marvila, historically linked to the industry and storage of raw materials. For this purpose an area of 1600 sqm has been renovated and is now the setting for different companies and professionals in complementary areas, markets and with pre-establised customers.


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