Frederico Mancellos; Creative Director of a digital agency, Art Director and Graphic Designer.

Frederico Miranda; Film Director and Producer with an extensive portfolio ranging from advertising to documentary work.

Ten years ago Frederico and Frederico set their eyes on an old winery in Marvila, Lisbon as their base for a new undertaking, thus transforming a derelict warehouse into the TODOS Creative Hub.
TODOS started as a band of meticulously picked professionals spanning the spectrum of the creative Industry, from Directors to Photographers, Artists and Designers all housed under one roof.

The scale of the project rapidly grew as new protocols and partnerships were formed with national and international Universities, the Lisbon City Council, the British Council, multiple other creative hubs and Creative Hubs Europe.

With 135 hub residents, 26 companies and multiple stakeholders, TODOS became a melting pot for ideas, innovation and expression.
This aggregate of industry professionals led to an all-encompassing handling and management of projects which began to attract the attention of brands and clients seeking flexible and multidisciplinary approaches to assignments, according to the needs of modern and upcoming market trends.

Over the following years TODOS kept booming. What began as a cluster of different startups and studios turned into a cohesive, focused and refined model of professionals working together on the delivery of a number of different projects.

Hosting film screenings, concerts and art fairs the business model expanded and diversified with new initiatives setting up their roots in the hub; artists studios, post-production labs, production companies and crafting facilities, all of which were actively cooperating with each other.




This turnkey approach towards projects and assignments was the fundamental attribute Frederico and Frederico wanted to transfer into Fred Fabrik. After years spent managing projects for TODOS and having seen the potential behind this approach, the doors of this creative powerhouse closed and reopened as a Fred Fabrik, now solely focused on media creation and content production.

The business plan, a model which in modern enterprises is a rarity, was to host multiple facets of the industry under one roof. Covering all fronts of Video and Audio production in-house, with specialised and dedicated teams for production, image, machinery, post-production, directing, technical support and audio.

Housing and encouraging cooperation between these different specialist teams, Fred Fabrik has developed and created audiovisual content for brands and governmental entities such as the Lisbon city council, PLAYSTATION, ROON Labs NY, EDP and AMORIM.

Handling and delivering on various diversified undertakings, spanning from constructing ad campaigns, setting up mixed media installations, introducing new technologies in media production to assembling televised studio shoots; Fred Fabrik has developed the tools from the outset for the delivery on any creative or commercial brief entirely managed under the scope of one company, under one roof.

Focused on the digital transformation of a constantly evolving industry and experimenting with new ways to engage consumers through new technologies, media, and relevant content.

We are a elastic group of creatives
We craft visual narratives inspiring human curiosity
We write, design, produce and shoot from concept to content
We are a Lisbon and Berlin based, idea driven Fabrik

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