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Know the people and companies based in Todos.

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City Rehab

UrbanStation is company located in Lisbon dedicated to the rehabilitation of buildings, houses and stores. We start with a architectural plan , undergoes a dedicated engineering work and ends up in construction. All this with professionalism and the creativity of a young and innovative team, in a passionate city.


Marta Cruz

Creative Urban Curator

My Name is Cruz, Marta Cruz !

On January 21, 1983 9:00am I was born. At that point in time there was an earthquake and Portugal goes through a social and economic crisis, strikes and chaos.
I am curious. I Like Cities. I graduated in Urbanism!
Worked as an architect/urban planner for five years, founded the Atelier Portátil, created the MOID Project and now I am the founder and curator of TARA Gallery, in Lisbon.
The city is my home and my mission is to discover new artists, urban thinkers, people who produce culture and cities identities, this is my drive.
I am a Portuguese girl with the Universe in my mind & I love my cat!


Arts & Crafts

C + R

We are Catarina and Ricardo, a married couple who found in TODOS a breathing space outside of our daily job at our co-owned company. Here we are starting to develop a shoe brand, a project for our future as parents to our darling daughter.
Catarina was born in 1980. She graduated from Fine Arts - Painting from FBAUL in 2008 and also has a Post-Graduation in Curating. Since 2005 she has been working with makeup with a focus on fashion and body painting. She is the Creative Mind in our shoe brand.
Ricardo was born in 1983. He's been working in many TV projects in Portugal, Angola and London both as a Cameraman and, more recently, as a Transmission Controller. He is the Strategic Mind in our shoe brand.


"Ursotigre is a special creature discovered in a magical forest by Sónia Pessoa, a lisbon based multi talented artist and all time knitter. Inspired by this animal, half bear, half tiger, she created not only a brand of beautiful knitted clothes, but a platform where she and her friends can all join forces and experiment in their own fields of creativity. Some illustrate this bear tiger, others produce music for a unique video showcasing the clothing pieces, others are just big fans and wear them, or perform in them! There is space for everything, really! Sometimes, Ursotigre invites friends to answer questions about their favorite smell, music, and about the place where they feel like a child. And he also is a big fan of love letters…"



Cleaning Unit

Mrs. Ioana Lácrámioara Cozmiuc

Chief Executive of Cleaning Facilities

From Romania with Love.

Colorist & Media Art

David Tutti dos Reis

Colorist - Editor - Director

Born in Lisboa, 1986. Spent my high school photographing and living the good life. The still picture very quickly become motion picture, so I graduated in Cinema at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias. Since then I've been working as a freelancer in several areas like camera, photography, post-production and editing.

Due to my work as cinematographer on the curricular short film “A Audição”, I won the 2010′s AIP/SONY Award from Universidade Lusófona and I was also nominated for a prize by KODAK Film School Competition.

“Candy Riot” it’s my first short-film as a director and it was selected for the IndieLisboa'11 Film Festival in the national and international competitions.

See website

Communication and Interactive Marketing


We're a new communication and interactive marketing agency formed by professionals with twenty years of experience in these fields. Our mission is to obtain great results for our clients, through new innovative and creative strategies, such as Gamification Tactics.

Being Portuguese and Spanish give us the possibility to understand both different markets, and to help companies and institutions that work in Portugal and/or Spain.

Digital Empowerment, Event Activation and PR & Iberian Communication are some of our other areas of specialization.

Contact us! We’ll be more than happy to help!

Consulting and Advisory Services


Founded in June 2000, Generator Consulting provides consulting and advisory services in Information Management, Communication, and Knowledge areas.

Generator has a multidisciplinary team of consultants who, during their professional experience, collaborated with numerous public and private organizations, national and multinational companies from various sectors of economic activity, and Government agencies and NGOs.
  • -Institutional Communication
  • -Public Affairs
  • -Public relations
  • -Crisis Management
  • -Lobby and Management Issues
  • -Public and Political Communication
  • -Internal communication
  • -Promotion of Knowledge
  • -Business Ethnography
  • -Marketing and Product Communication
We understand the needs of our clients and the results they want to achieve through our deep knowledge of the media landscape, social network and the journalists and influencers work method.
To achieve our client's goals, we use the techniques and instruments that best fit the purpose of each project and optimize the cost/benefit ratio.

Film Directors

Diana Antunes

Film Director

Raised in Portugal and, recently, living in London.
Graduated in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias in Lisbon.

She's currently working as a freelancer.

See website


Film Director

Hello my name is Carlos aka FOFI.
I am a artistic handyman and a freelance filmmaker
Michel Gondry´s “Human Behaviour” mapped the way for my artistic growth.
Flew to England to learn Film and Video at the University for the Creative Arts
I want to innovate and experiment. I like flying Kung-Fu. I want to entertain.
I am more articulate with images than words. 
I am inspired by deadlines. I am uninspired by contests.
I want to keep it raw. I like to play.
I want to go big.
I look for a happy accident. That´s why I keep going.
Paul Arden says, “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.”

Richard F. Coelho

New Film Director

Born in 1981 in Philadelphia, PA. Son of portuguese parents who decided to return to their homeland in 1989.
In 2001, while studying Engineering, and after a life changing “near death” experience, Richard decides that his passion for imagery and graphics should no longer be a hobby. He drops out of Engineering and starts a new life course as a designer, working in advertising on corporate identities and as a producer in brand and brand entertainment events, in one of Portugal’s major Ad agencies. He stayed there for 6 years and was then invited to integrate a marketing team of a telecom to launch their first mass-market products. 5 years after, managing Field and Online area, working also on communication, strategy and branding, the project ended. At this point, Richard started working as an ad and product photographer, in audiovisuals, producing, filming, assisting directors, directing casting. Today he directs his own films.

Bruno Ferreira

Film Director

Bruno was born in Lisbon in 1980 and grew up watching his father filming and editing VHS wedding and baptism videos.
That’s when he started his passion for film.
He was studying filmmaking between Lisbon and New York when his first short film, THE HATERS, was selected for national and international film festivals.
Currently Bruno divides his work between commercials and music videos, also developing specials projects between music and fiction.

See his work at

Telmo Vicente

Film Director

Vicente was born in Setúbal, Portugal. He was raised there, until he went to Lisbon to pursuit his dream of studying the craft of filmmaking at U.L.H.T. At this university he completed his degree in cinema, video and multimedia communication in 2005. After that, he immediately began to work as an assistant director at several major production companies in Lisbon.From workshops in cinematography to seminars on story and master classes on directing actors, he moves towards the ultimate goal. Master the art of filmmaking. His first short film “Appetizer” won best director award at the 48 hours film festival. His second short film “Breathe” was already officially selected at the international short film festival, Virginia, USA.

Link to Reel

João Lourenço

Young Film Director

João Lourenço nasceu em Lisboa no ano de 1985. Em 2001 entra para a escola Chapitô onde inicia a sua experiência com o meio artístico, formou-se como ator e teve experiências com dança circo e musica. Em 2009 decide enriquecer a sua formação e entra para a Universidade Lusófona para o curso de Cinema. É uma pessoa polivalente com forte noção de corpo e trabalho de actor. João é parte integrante do TODOS e é uma peça fundamental na dinâmica do colectivo.

Frederico Miranda

Film Director

Born in Lisbon (Portugal), on February 15th, 1985. From an early age he started searching for visual means of expression. At the age of 15 he began an audiovisual techniques course, and in the last year he directed his first short motion-picture.
He goes to Barcelona (Spain), and takes a degree in “Dirección Cinematográfica – Film Director” in the Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya (CECC).
Since 2007 he’s a TV Commercial Director based in Portugal by a referenced production company Quioto.

Film Editors

Sérgio Pedro

Film Editor

Sergio Pedro is image editor based in Lisbon. Works with Lipton, Vodafone and Coca-Cola. Participated in the project Complex: Parallel Universe who won the Best Film Award International for Human Rights at Artivist Film Festival in 2011. Participated in the project Meo Out of the Box TV Series which won the best audiovisual content and the best fictional audiovisual content - Brand Entertainment, at Creative Club of Portugal in 2012. Edited The Beasts videoclip - Youthless, which won the award for Best Music Video at Lisbon Offbeatz Contest Winner in 2012.

Film Production

Soulkitchen Productions

Film Production Services

Soulkitchen Productions is a full service production company based in Portugal specialising in feature films, tv commercials and music videos.
Since 1996 we have continued to combine Portugal´s natural beauty, diversity of locations and quality of sunlight with our international film crew to make every shoot as enjoyable and successful as possible.
We look forward to having you here in Portugal.

Sons of Liberty

Independent Film Production Company

Sons of Liberty is a small and truly independent film production company aiming to create contemporary film content primarily dedicated to web audiences. Heavily influenced by timeless cinema masters and the latest advertising trends, it is part of our journey to craft beautiful and meaningful content for our own projects and our customers' companies while never settling down, staying uncomformed and keep moving forward in search of the new worlds that film can bring to life.

Furniture Restoration


see more at REFAZ

Graphic Design


Umbrella is a design agency based on Lisbon, Portugal. The site features a small selection of bespoke type treatments, motion work and illustration.


Black Ship

Black Ship is a creative crew on a journey across the borders between communication, content and collaboration.


Surge Magazine

With the board, the trucks and the wheels as a common denominator, skateboarding is a complex net of styles, ages and approaches, shaped by many different social and cultural backgrounds…wait a minute! What! Damm this is serious talk!! Forget all this bullshit! We are just a bunch of skate nerds who decided to do a printed skate mag right when printing was declared dead! The best of timing! Still almost 9 years after here we ar, doing it and a bunch of other stuff such as events, skate video production and all that you can’t think of in between.



I do make up since 2003, by acident! 
Love natural beauty and wild make up!


Pedro Nóbrega

Creating Digital Images

I'm Pedro Nóbrega, I make images for advertising, I m post producer and i design special projects that mix and gather 3D, digital art and photo.I own a production company "My Shot Studio" , dedicated to professional photo services, equipment renting/rental, and we also give technical and logistical support to national and international photographers that wants to produce/photograph in Portugal.

Plastic Arts

Sara Morais & Tiago Salgado

Portrait Artist & Painter

Sara Morais - Portrait artist
Freelance Art Assistant for Film Productions. Muralist.
-Works mainly in Official Portrait Commissions for The Military College from Lisbon, and Private Entities. -Currently preparing an upcoming solo show.
Instagram: SarajrMorais

Tiago Salgado - Painter and Street Artist.
Storyboard and post Production Freelancer
Developer for mobile applications.
-Currently developing “Blattaria”, a hand drawn Point n’ Click adventure game for PC and Tablets. -Painting oil and acrylic canvas for an upcoming solo show.
Social Media: ReggSalgado

Francisco Vidal, Nelo Teixeira and RitaGT

Francisco Vidal, Nelo Teixeira and RitaGT are the artist's members being the core of this movement the Antonio Ole's studio, all based in Luanda, Angola.
The aim of this project is to develop a structure of though, a path, focus on art as critical thinking.
As living in global times, this project will be intensively living abroad Angola.
We believe that together our ideas and concepts become stronger.
This angolan artists movement already started! Stay in tune.

Post Production


Live Action & Post Production

Bamp was formed in late 2013, we create and produce audiovisual content, for web and television and other digital mediums.
Always eager to learn and collaborate with others, we embrace various types of projects, from videoclips to short films, from 2D animated shorts to heavy post work.
In the last year we established ourselfs in the Portuguese market by creating live action content for Fox Life and 24 Kitchen, and also Motion Design for the rebranding of EDP Corporate TV.

Leandro Peres

Retoucher and Project Manager

My name is Leandro Peres and I am a Retoucher and Project Manager. I'm also a head of a team with CGI and Illustrator artists. We are specialized in post production images and CGI animation for Advertising agencies and Photographers.
With almost 10 years of print and digital images experience I’ve being worked with a wide variety of creatives from world wide.
My experience has given me a broad understanding how everything works, from the sketch until the final image. We are able to provide high end Retouching, CGI, Illustration and Animation to help you achieve the best results in your campaign.
If you would like to talk about football, music, photography or maybe a new project coming up then say hello!


Video Production Company


Box Produções it’s a Film and photo production company based in Lisbon.
we could write a bunch of beautifull words without meaning but instead of that i challenge you to get to know us better, visiting our web site and writting some words to us.

Run Forrest Run

Fim Production

We love Forrest Gump, the message of the film, that everything is possible if you just believe in it and never give up in what you are.

As a production company we adopted the title of the film, but most important their philosophy. We will run for our clients ( sure we are) but not pushing work faster. We will run our hearts, soul and knowledge in giving them the best. We don´t get tired...after all we love what we do just like Forrest.

Web Development


Slow development for fast people.
Terminating code since 2009.


Web Sh*t

Optimizing Concepts

Optimizing Concepts is a digital agency. Our goal is to ensure excellency in all online touch points of our clients using the best tools and most innovative techniques. When we create, we focus on the best experience online. When we develop, we always consider the most demanding needs of our clients. When we work, we stay true to our name: Optimizing Concepts.

Transmedia Artists / Digital Landscapes / Game Developing


s a digital atelier of transmedia artists.

Our team has a solid background in videogame development.  But we don’t see ourselves as game developers. We're not a game studio. We're a collective on a payroll. We're all about merging passion and pragmatic experimentalism in the digital landscape.


Cláudia Pinto


Cláudia is a coming-out-of-denial freelancer geek who happens to have studied Portuguese and English Languages and Literatures in Coimbra back in the days, and specialised in American Studies and Popular Culture.
She has been writing puns, poetry, blogs, slogans and artist statements in both languages since last century. She has since been working with theatre companies, architects, visual artists, galleries, and other messed-up creative people who are not as good with words as they wish they were (they have their own languages, anyway). Most recently, she has been translating some comic books by Neil Gaiman and Mark Millar into Portuguese.
She may or may not have a penchant for heavy sounds. Most definitely knows what a "Wall of Death" is. Most definitely knows what Shakespeare meant by "doing the beast with two backs".
She can cook.
She will eventually meet her favorite writers and die without witnessing First Contact on social media.

+351 932 956 503

Fashion Design


“neon lights and dance floors are a familiar feeling…”

L’EMAUZ is an emerging independent fashion label with an artistic background. Fundamentally focused on experimentation with a purpose: to empower artists and like-minded people, on stage and in their daily live’s, providing design with an atitude. The label is run by Mariana Emauz, Fashion Designer, Dj & IDM Producer from Lisbon. “ I was born in 1990 here is Lisbon, and my parents had just met in a band. I grew up listening to their rehearsals and surrounded by musicians. I know a bunch of Bossa Nova standards by heart and I believe, because of that, they taught me how to see the world. Since music is in the core of my DNA, it’s also is in everything I do, and my ideas and designs are very linked with the artistic environment I’ve lived in. I explore the symbolic universe of my youth and the night life, stage, club experiences, and also the collective memories of past golden Eras’s creating a nostalgic feeling with an edgy twist. “
Web Site Soon…
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