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Studio / Office

Arch with 40m2 - divided in 2 floors

Includes power supply, Internet Wifi, free use of technical spaces like, meeting room, lounge area, caravan bar and workshop. Access to kitchen, eat area and wc showers. Security covered by CCTV and alarm line.

Rent Monthly
Rent Daily

Basement by Todos

Gallery and Event Space / Party Space for homies

500 sqm

Basement is our side project.
A space for FUN! for new ideas shared with others.

The need to have a space for new adventures, Todos refurbished a 500 sqm basement placed in the same street of Todos Creative Hub. The number 24 Rua Pereira Henriques.

Rent Monthly
Rent Daily

Testing Zone

Dimensions - 11 x 8 mts
Height: 5 mts

This space can be rented with ciclorama also.
Dimensions: 250 m2
Can be a space tofor testing equipment, client area, light testing and a artist instalation.

Rent Daily
Rent more than one day

Editing & Post Production Room

Available for rent Mid September 2014
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