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Todos - A creative hub based in Lisbon. We´re all about working hard - that´s why we´ve decided to concentrate it under the same roof.  Here we have Multidisciplinary People and Companies that provide content creation and production for visual media. Together we can cross different creative views and provide integrated services.

The new Berlin?

How austerity helped Lisbon's creatives to succeed

Graphic designer Frederico Mancellos co-founded creative hub Todos in 2013 as Portugal grappled with the recession. He was getting "less and less" work, so he and business partner Frederico Miranda decided to build something of their own -- and invited other creatives to come and work with them.
They found a giant space in a building in Poco do Bispo in Lisbon's industrial east and invested every cent they had to renovate it.
Today, Todos is home to 62 independent creatives of all kinds -- photographers, film editors, sound engineers, web designers, makeup artists, furniture restorers -- all working side-by-side under one roof making all sorts of creative output from music videos to advertising campaigns.
"We are a small economy here (in Todos) and I am proud to say that we work together and we get money from it," Mancellos said.

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Todos - joining the European Creative Hubs Network Platform

Mapping the European eco-system of hubs in the fields of culture , creativity, education, and entrepreneurship!


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