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A creative hub based in Lisbon. We´re all about working hard - that´s why we´ve decided to concentrate it under the same roof. Here we have Multidisciplinary People and Companies that provide content creation and production for visual media. Together we can cross different creative views and provide integrated services.

TODOS Basement

turning 40? talk to us.

Rent Todos Basement for events, film productions or photo sessions.
Art Gallery / Special Projects / Studio for short term productions & Artists talk directly to me.

TODOS Playground

Events & Studio Wharehouse

Rent Todos Playground
New warehouse with 800 sqm, the new extension of Todos Creative Hub. Made for events, film and photo productions. 
Rent as event space, studio for short term film & photo productions or special projects. Contact us


by our friend Filippo Fiumani

2019 - February - 01 to 16

Todos along with Bruno Pereira managed the solo show of Mani.
The first time that the Italian artist has long been based in Portugal, advances to a show "with a more solid body of work".

MANIFESTO is a free solo "show".
from 01 to 16 of February 2019
Todos . Basement . 24 Rua Pereira Henriques,  Marvila, Lisbon

read the article - VICE PORTUGAL

Todos collaborated with Temp Studio

Open Day Temp Studio #3

November 2018

During 2 weeks we open our warehouse to immersive artists from around the world.
Todos and Temp Studio presented Open Day 3 / A place of encounter and critical exchange for new media artists.

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